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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hal & Bill's Garden

Yesterday the Plein Air Artists of Riverside were invited to paint at Hal & Bill's Garden in Riverside, Ca. Last year the group was invited to paint but I didn't go. Can't remember why, must have been a dog show going on!!!! They live on the famous Victoria Ave. in Riverside and have kept their place in pristine condition. Everywhere you look there is a garden. I chose the garden in the center of the property that leads to the carport which is covered with Wisteria followed up with palm trees in the back. The hedges are manicured so to make sort of a maze around the flowering plants. I especially liked the red leaffy plant in the middle, Hal told me the name, but I forgot. He said it should have flowers on it when we return in May . Hal was there with us all day and worked nonstop in the garden. A lot of the flowering plants are just starting to bud and he asked us to come back in May if we wanted to paint a lot of color. Hal not only knows the names of each of the plants, but where they are from and a little back ground on each. He and Bill have lived in Riverside for many years and have tried to preserve Victoria Ave. He was telling me about a recent trip they took to England and returned to the beautiful skirted palms being trimmed or butchered by the City of Riverside. He got on the phone and tried to stop this as he explained the reason for the skirted palms. Seems no one would listen and now the trees are bald to the top. I wished I had been there to have painted them before they were gone. It will take more years than any of us have left to ever see that sight again. I really enjoyed my day with PAAR and Hal. Thanks again Hal for allowing us to paint your beautiful gardens. First painting of Hal and Bill's garden is 9 x 12, $400.00 unframed, oil on canvas board done with a palate knife, second is a 5 x 7 little gem $125.00 unframed oil on canvas done with a palate knife. Contact me if you are interested in either of these paintings. Please forward this blog to anyone you think might be interested in my art. Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry
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