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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Separation Anxiety

"Separation Anxiety" 8 x 10 oil on canvas panel by Terry d. Chacon

Today I got up early to get ready to go out and paint with the Redlands Plein Air group and low and behold it was spitting rain and cold. So I decided to start some other things, working on some commission works. Around 9:30 am the sun came out and the sky was blue. I thought ok, I am going to give this a try. I loaded up my painting gear and took off to the site.

Today was the Redlands Foothill Groves Packing House. This is the last big packing house in San. Bernardino County. I arrived and we were told to check in at the office. After signing in and getting my badge a very nice lady took me around to look at some places to paint. A couple artist were painting inside as the workers separated by hand the oranges. I had walked the venue before checking in and notices the machine out back that looked to be separating the leaves and stems from the oranges. They then take these oranges and they load them onto a conveyor belt and it takes them inside. I am sure somehow this is where they are sent to the workers who hand separate the good from the bad. I was especially drawn to the light on the building behind the conveyor belt of oranges and the light on the boxes in the foreground.

After setting up my easel, I started to paint. I quickly got in the bins in the foreground as I had a feeling once full they would be taken away. Sure enough they did. Then a large truck came and parked right in front of me for a while. This is why it is so important to quickly get your sketch on the canvas and block in with color. I was able to work on my painting and then finish it up when the guy moved the truck. Oh the trials of a plein air artist! It became dark and cold and you could see it was snowing on the mountains. I was really freezing by the time I got to my car and put my gear away. So nice to be home where it is warm, but happy that I gave it a try and very pleased with the new painting.

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon

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