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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Saturday, February 8, 2014

9 x 12 oil painting with palette knife demo.
                            Oceanside/Carlsbad Art League Demonstration by Terry d. Chacon. 
Rita Pacheco, introduced me to her group.  Prior to the demo I was asked to judge their exhibit at the Coal Gallery.   What a great group of artist and some beautiful work in the gallery.  I had some very hard decisions to make.  They will have their reception tomorrow (Sunday Feb. 9, I hope they are happy with the choices).  
I started out with a quick drawing of my photo.  I had painted in Idyllwild a couple years prior.  I always enjoy painting Strawberry Creek in plein air and had a nice photo from one of my trips up the mountain and decided to use that photo and a painting I did as my reference material.

                                            Putting some paint on the canvas. 

Starting my abstract design with large shapes.  By this time I am sure the group thought I was nuts. 
This was the left side of the center, they have an overhead projector so the audience was able to see my painting up on the screen in the front.   In the beginning they had lights on me and my painting which made for a glare, after they turned the overhead lights on and turned those lights off I was able to see what I was doing and avoid the glare. 
I have to thank Patricia Rose Ford for taking some video of the demo.    
This short video shows the beginning of the painting with blocks of color.

                                 This one shows adding more layers of paint to the blocks of color.
This short video is starting to make the design of the painting come alive.
Adding more details to finish the painting.
The finished painting with the buyer.

A few artists wanting more information.

Heidi was the winner of my painting that I donated for the group raffle. 

My new collector "Pilar Grammer".  She bought the painting right off the easel and took it home.  Thank you!
I would like to thank Rita and her artist group for inviting me to share my passion of painting with a palette knife. 
Until the next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!
Terry d. Chacon
For info on my upcoming plein air oil painting using a palette knife workshop on Catalina Island, contact me at


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