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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Icelandic Trail Ride

"Thirsty" 6 x 8 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

While my husband and I were in Iceland in November we were treated to a beautiful 3 hour ride on Icelandic Horses.   When we arrived they asked us what our riding experience was and that is how they chose what horse you would be riding.   Eddie was given a very thirsty horse.   He is the one in the orange rain suit, and every time we went through a river or stream his horse would stop to drink, causing a traffic jam.  He did everything he could to get him to move on, but he was thirsty and did not move.   It became a big joke during the ride and after.    I did this painting from a photo I took along the ride and I will be doing more paintings from the trip.   It was cold, windy, rainy and low and behold at one point the sun came out and it was pure delight.   This painting brings back great memories from a beautiful time. 

I have two New Year's resolutions, how about you?  

1- Complete one dog show scene painting a month for a series which I am doing for an upcoming show in 2013.  More on this as we get closer to time, this is very exciting.
2- I will work more with my Fine Art America account.   I cannot tell you how my business has grown this past year since I opened my account.  I have sold prints of my paintings around the world.  People who would have never heard about me in my other networking tools.   This year I will work on putting my paintings up as I finish them to make them more available to the public.  Be sure to keep your eyes open as I will announce it on my blog when they are available in print.   
I have more NY's resolutions, but I feel if I accomplish these two I will be doing great.   What are your New Year's resolutions?   Please share in the comment space so others will know.  They say you will keep your resolutions if you share them with friends.   Well you might as well share them with the world on my blog.
So in saying this, here are my first two entries for 2012.
"Crowd Pleaser"  now available on Fine Art America.
(click on the link below)

"Isis" now available on Fine Art America.
(click on the link below)

And the new painting above "Thirsty" is also available. 
(click on the link below)


Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!

Terry d. Chacon

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