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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mimosa's Anyone?

"Mimosa Anyone?"   6 x 12 oil on canvas with palette knife by Terry d. Chacon
$600.00 framed plus shipping

We were going to paint today, but my friend called and was unable to  go.  It was so beautiful outside that I knew I had to paint something.  I had been wanting to paint my Blood Orange tree, so decided to take the time and take photos of each step.   Enjoy!

This is a close up of the oranges which was my main focus of the painting.   I love all the colors. 

1st stage I draw in the large shapes.
Second I paint in the large shapes.  I try to use a different color for each shape.  Warm colors for the light areas and cool colors for the shadow areas.   Notice my afghan in the background.  They really enjoyed the process too.   It was fun to paint while they enjoyed playing in the back yard. 
This is the next step where I am adjusting the colors for value without losing the beginning shapes. 

At this stage I am starting to add the details.

And here is the finished piece again.

Hope you have enjoyed my approach to plein air painting.   One day I will learn how to do a video and be able to post one for you someday.   :-)

Looking forward to now making Mimosa's for our pre Plein Air Paint Out Party on Thurs.    The colors are so beautiful with the Blood Orange.  I will take a photo to share.  

Until the next time,  Please ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

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