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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Newport Back Bay Revisited

"Back Bay Bluffs" by Terry d. Chacon 6 x 6 oil on canvas board.
Last week I decided I needed just one more painting of the Back Bay for my plein air collection I will be exhibiting at the SOCALPAPA Paints Newport Back Bay show & sale.   I will add the flyer for the event at the end of this post. 

I also needed to go to King of Frame to pick up some more frames as I didn't have enough at home to use on the 18 to 20 works that I will displaying.    My friend Patricia Rose Ford and I left around 8 am.   Oh the traffic was fierce and the heat was already on.    We arrived at King of Frames  Randy Higbee Gallery  around 10 am, what is usually a 45 minute drive on a good day.    Not only did I need to buy 10 more frames but I also was taking the commissioned painting for Santa Barbara Kennel Club and some posters that they had made to have framed also.   So alot was to be accomplished before we were able to go out and paint.  
If you need frames Randy's gallery is the place to go.   Most of the work they can accomplish either while you wait or you can go out and paint for a few hours and come back and pick up your order.   We were lucky that all my work was taken care of while there and we were free to go out and paint the day away.

We went out to the Back Bay first.   I wanted to pick up some postcards for the event to send to some of my local collectors and see exactly where we were suppose to go on Friday for the reception.   50 plein air paintings were juried into the exhibit by Ann Lofquist.  The paintings not only were to be plein air (strictly enforced) but had to be of the Back Bay.  It should be a very enjoyable evening of art under the stars at the center.    

The Muth Interpretive Center is a large modern building hidden below and backs into the mountain that overlooks the Upper Bay.    I can see why this exhibit is so well thought of by the community and the artist alike.    The scenery is spectacular, a painting anyway you look especially for plein air artists who paint on location.   You just cannot duplicate this view from a photograph, you have to be there to get that beautiful atmosphere and light.    Since I am new to this group SOCALPAPA I am  looking forward to the reception to see all the beautiful works and meet the talented plein air artist that have made it into the show.   I am also looking forward to meeting the 60 avid plein air artist who will be exhibiting their plein air works the following 2 days.      

After looking the place over and drooling over the scenery we set out to find the Back Bay Cafe.  
One has to nourish themselves before a long day of painting.   After a leisurely lunch we were ready to paint.   We traveled up the Back Bay Drive heading north and pulled off to set up to paint the beautiful bluffs.   At our arrival we noticed the beautiful reflections in the water.   What I liked was the little strip of blue water on the side of the bluffs that were lit up in the front and in shadow in the back.    I was very happy with my little jewel and I have the perfect frame for it.   It will proudly be displayed at the exhibit.

We took off from there and headed towards Laguna.   Getting around the point of Crystal Cove we decided an early evening painting would be great so that's where we ended up.   Our friend Lilli was working in the area and said she would meet up with us for a late dinner at the Beachcomber Cafe.   
Pat and I decided we needed a Margarita before starting our late afternoon early evening painting, so after we sipped away we headed out for another painting.   I am not happy with my painting so I will not be displaying it.   I wanted to capture the beautiful sun reflecting on the water, which I did, but I put those horrendous umbrellas in again, they remind me of circus umbrellas and not beach umbrellas.   I really have to learn to paint some umbrellas.   I think I should practice at home a few times so I can get that wonderful beach painting that I have in my mind but just cannot quite get it onto the canvas.  
After a wonderful dinner with Lilli and Pat we headed back home.   It was another wonderful day of painting and I am so happy that this is my job!
Here is the info on the PLEIN AIR event, please let me know if you have any questions!

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

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