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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, July 29, 2010

El Matador State Beach, Malibu, CA

"El Matador"   9 x 12 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

Terry with her "El Matador"  Painting

Wednesday we took off for another wonderful day of painting at the beach.    This time Pat and I  were meeting another plein air artist Nita Harper for a painting day at El Matador State Beach in Malibu.  This is a new painting site for us, and we were very excited about going.     When you arrive you are up on a bluff that overlooks the ocean, I mean way up.  Come closer to the edge, oh my, a view you cannot imagine.  
Our friend Nita had prepared a beautiful lunch for us.  We set and talked about painting and family and caught up on the months that we had not seen Nita.   After eating we hiked down the canyon to a level  view that all of us were happy with and found our space for a painting.   There are several vista's to paint on the way down, but of course we had to walk clear to the bottom and check out each spot.    I chose this huge rock as I loved the archway underneath that led to the beautiful light on the other side under the rock.   The light hitting the rock was so beautiful and I wanted to capture the beauty of the rock as well as the ocean in the back ground.   (Painting above) 

After our first painting session we decided to hike back up to the top, I am so sore this morning using muscles that I forgot I had!    Nita then treated us to a special desert as we waited for the beautiful late afternoon light.   

                                       Pat and Nita enjoying an afternoon break before starting another painting.

We walked over to the side of the bluff and looking west, we all painted the view with the beautiful light on the ocean.   I loved the variations of the cliffs distant and close as they were back lit by the sun and the beautiful way the water sparkled in the water and the ground cover  lit up on the bluffs.  

"Looking West"   El Matador State Beach 8 x 10 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon
Patricia Rose Ford
Nita Harper

It was a fabulous day of painting, thank you Nita for a wonderful time and for fixing us lunch to enjoy at the beach.   Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!  Terry d. Chacon

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