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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dog Gone Art Magazine

"Best of Winners"   11 x 14 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

In January I was contacted by Anne Marie Rasmussen  the editor/publisher of Dog Gone Art, an arts and literary magazine for the dog lover to be their featured artist for Winter 2013.   I must say I was very surprised and excited for such an honor.  This magazine is a digital magazine that has raving reviews from the fancy.  As much as I love a hard copy of a magazine, I too love the immediacy of digital magazines, the idea that I am able to look at it anytime I want and share with my friends and family around the world.     Anne's magazine examines the world of dog art and also those who write about them.  Fact or fiction, the past and the present, a world review of our beautiful dogs in art.   
Her magazine DGA is up for an award through the Dog Writers Awards which will be awarded this coming Sunday at the prestigious event in New York City.  I wish you good Luck Anne!       

Now the article about my dog work was exciting enough, but you can imagine when I found out one of my paintings "Best of Winners" would be on the cover.  WOW!   This painting was commissioned by Karen Larsen of her beautiful bitch Kayln.   Karen's sister took the photographs that I used for reference material.   I knew this was going to be a great painting from the beginning so I asked Karen for the use of it in my upcoming exhibit Dog Show Scenes.   She has agreed.   It is nice to know that others see the potential in this painting as well.   So the year is starting out great!

If you love dogs, you will want to subscribe to this magazine at  $15.00 a year, new issues are presented quarterly.   There are two ways to view the magazine digital and pdf.   You can also purchase past issues for $5.00 each.  

Here is a link to the Winter 2013 issue. 

Once a member you can download and print out the issues.   And you can always share by emailing the link to everyone you feel might be interested in knowing and seeing more about dogs.   

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART,  Terry d. Chacon

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