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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Friday, October 2, 2009

New York City Union Square

While in New York City to see the ArtLive 2009 Exhibit at Gallery 225, I wanted to go by Central Park to try and get some photos for a painting. I wanted to paint a street scene and I wanted the Empire State Building to be part of the scene. We had thought about trying Central Park, but because of the UN meetings with President Obama on that very day, there was no way we would get even close to that area.
On our way to the Gallery we passed another famous park (Union Square) Union Square (New York City) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and low and behold, there peaking through the trees was the Empire State Building. It was amazing how the trees made a V shape just for the Empire State Building to peak it's way through. What a perfect place to take my photos. If I had me painting gear I would have loved to have done a plein air painting, but that was not the case. After finding a place to park (one that was no easy task in NYC), we walked up to the park. Fran and Honi took off in one direction and Abbe and I took off another. I walked across the street so I could get the best view of the park with the ESB in the background. I was excited to find in one of my photos a bright yellow cab in the scene. Well that could not have been better. Everyone talks about the yellow cabs in New York City, and this one was going across the cross walk while the pedestrians had the right of way. So typical of the yellow cabs. But you have to admit it adds a certain amount of color to the scene. The backdrop of the trees that were in full color, the people, the vendors, oh and I loved the white large bulb park lights that lined the park.
Anyway as you can see I was excited to paint this photograph, I added the afghan hound in the foreground and the little dog in the crosswalk, well because I can and it would not be a painting of my creation without a dog. "Leaving Union Square" available in giclee prints and notes.

Until Next Time, ENJOY THE ART!

Terry d. Chacon

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