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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lavender Festival

The Lavender Festival kicked off it's first weekend. The festival is always a beautiful place to be. The entertainment of beautiful soothing music is echoed throughout the area, which is a huge area not including the lavender fields. The views are enchanting, the aroma is soothing. What more can I say except to show you a few paintings I did on location June 6 & 7. And invite you to come out one of the next 3 weekends in June.

The first 2 images are actually one painting, but I am drawn to the simplistic approach of the 1100 year old oak tree. To me the first one has too much going on. Although the scene is telling a story, with the tables, umbrellas and people having lunch down by the lake in view of the large oak tree next to the lavender fields.

The next painting I want to talk about is the painting with the mama duck and her little ducklings. Now this is a sight to see. I have had so much enjoyment out of watching this mama duck teach her babies a thing or two. Next time you see me ask for the info, I don't think I can express them as well by writing about them, as I can talking and gesturing their movements in person. It has been an amazing experience. I of course had to paint a little 5 x 7 of the experience. The murky green pond that they live in has an island in the middle. That will make for another days painting in one of the upcoming weekends that I will be on location painting. Some other members from my painting group were out to paint on Sat. They too loved the view of the old oak tree in the distance and were getting some very nice paintings. It was fun to visit with them during the day.

The last painting is a very quick impression of the Oak Tree. It is colorful and will take forever to dry with so much paint on the canvas. I look forward to my next outing which will be Fri, Sat. & Sun starting June 13. Until next time,

Enjoy the ART! Terry

PS: There was a nice write up about me in the Press Enterprise this morning. Here is a link to the Internet site of the paper.

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